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NDF Nanocolloidal Detox Factors Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox 1 oz.

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NDF (Nanocolloidal Detox Factors) is tested and proven supplement to bind with and remove heavy metals as well as residues of pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, endotoxins, mycotoxins and other toxic chemicals

Safe to use in case of:

    - Leaky gut syndrome
    - Bowel inflammation or infection
    - Sulfur allergies
    - Thallium toxicity
    - Mineral deficiencies
    - Amalgams still in the teeth

Further avoids the functional problems of:

    - Methylation of Mercury
    - Creation of superbacteria
    - Resorbtion of metals through the gut
    - Liver and Kidney stress
    - GI intolerance

Additional advantages:

    - Eliminates Hg, Cd, Pb, Ar, Ur, Ni, Co, Th, Be, Ti and others
    - Cost effective. Single dose as little as $0.32 for children
    - Shorter course of therapy and deeper acting than other methods
    - Usage supported by extensive clinical information and references
    - Rapid elimination of provoked metals in first urine following the dose
    - Not a drug or chemical
    - Not fractionated
    - Full ingredient disclosure
    - Whole food, organic, cold pressed dietary supplement
    - Oral, transdermal or rectal administration
    - Full spectrum nutrient supplement containing aminos, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll,
    - Does not require a 'healing crisis' to provoke heavy metal elimination
    - No side effects
    - Can be used as the provocative agent for a heavy metal challenge
    - Absorbs sublingually
    - Seems to bind to or reduce chlorine to sodium chloride in vitro
    - Binds to dioxin (pesticides)
    - Clinical and anecdotal reports state it also binds to neurotoxins, mycotoxins, endotoxins,
      plaque, residual antibiotics, various chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs

 BioRay Inc. NDF A Dietary Supplement (NANOCOLLOIDAL DETOX FACTORS) AM.I.E.R. CHELATOR  DESCRIPTION: NDF is a non-sufhydryl-containing dietary supplement, which binds to metallic elements and is of significant benefit in maintaining a normal balance of metal elements in the body.  

INDICATIONS: Behavioral and functional abnormalities resulting from chronic heavy metal toxicity;76 of which are published.  

INGREDIENTS: Certified organic, raw, whole, pure, and nanonized: chlorella, cilantro, PolyFlor probiotics, and 18% grain neutral spirits (alcohol) as a preservative.  

METHOD OF ACTION: In many individuals the bound metals mobilized after intake are predominantly eliminated via the urine in the first urination following intake. Individual pathways of elimination have been noted.  SAFETY: Method of action is not sulfhydryl group dependant thus may not bind in the kidney; one year of continuous use at 2 ml. per day showed no elevation of serum creatinine and an improvement in BUN? creatinine ratio. Very low to no risk of enzyme system bound beneficial minerals from the body; rather it is also a source of bioavailable minerals and nutrients. (See nutritional analysis of chlorella).  

INTAKE: 6 drops twice a day in 10 ounces of distilled or r/o water on an empty stomach constitutes the average intake for a 150lb. adult (and is equal in elimination of metals per month to one DMPS IV push per month). Intake can beadjusted up to 2 ml. twice a day with physician supervision,  providing 920% more metal elimination per month than 1 DMPS push. Hypersensitive individuals (Fetal Metal Syndrome, autism, multiple sensitivities) may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up under expert physician supervision; and or consider using NDF-Plus instead.  

TERM OF ADMINISTRATION: Take until there are no detectable metals in the urine following a standard challenge. Duration of the therapy will vary depending on intake and total heavy metal body burden.    
CONTRADICTIONS: Do not take during acute conditions including infections, flu, and trauma, while pregnant or nursing, in the presence of anuria or renal failure, and hyper arousal. Do not take if allergic to chlorella, cilantro, alcohol or beneficial bowel flora. Do not take if currently on Western medications; consult with a physician first. Do not take therapeutic doses of live probiotics at the beginning of any heavy metal detox.  

HOW TO USE:Drink distilled, reverse osmosis or pure water, up to 10 ounces per half hour, with and following intake until the first urination following intake occurs. Do not take proteolytic or digestive enzymes on an empty stomach, and avoid sulfur containing foods (garlic, egg yolk, cabbage family, broccoli) and supplements (MSM, DMSO, sulfates) until after the second urination following intake. If metals are in the teeth, brush teeth with several drops of NDF, spit and rinse prior to intake, place drops down the back of the throat and then drink the water. Insure regular daily bowel movements.  

SIDE EFFECTS:Excessive intake may result in unnecessary mild 'healing crisis' type symptoms or aggravations of existing symptoms which are proven to not be required for the effective elimination of heavy metals with this product. Discontinue use until symptoms subside and then resume at a lesser intake under physician supervision.  

PROOF OF EFFECTIVENESS: Laboratory verified general decrease in fecal metals with corresponding urinary output of heavy metals elevated (up to 6.6 times) in 1st urination following intake, decreasing to 2 times in the 4th urination following intake. Real time EEG verified improvement of brain waves in between 5 minutes and two hours following intake lasting at least 4 hours.  Manufactured by BioRay Inc., in Los Angeles California.

Certificates of sterility are on file from Silliker Laboratories. Purity and mineral content data are from AMTEST Labs.  NDF is available through licensed health care practitioners.  


Based on the results of comparative 24 hour urine samples analyzed by an independent clinic and lab, a person can safely excrete up to 920% (9.2 times) more heavy metals per month taking NDF daily as compared to doing one DMPS intravenous injection per month. This greatly shortens the time required to achieve detoxification, an average toxic adult person requiring a maximum dose of 2 mls. twice a day for a period of about two months. NDF has also been observed to remove other toxins from the system.

To our current, best understanding, the predominant route of excretion is via the urine, thus accelerating  the excretion rate of the mobilized metals as compared to the fecal route, decreasing the possibility of enzyme and leaky gut mediated resorption through the bowel, and decreasing the burden on the liver. The majority of the metals to be mobilized and eliminated per dose are quickly detectable in the first urination following 5 days at maximum dosage while urine levels remain elevated. Individual pathways of elimination have been noted.

Independent real time digital EEG studies show that NDF restores heavy metal suppressed Beta waves to normal voltage in between 5 minutes and two hours post ingestion with a concurrent dramatic increase in the urinary excretion of heavy metals and patient reports of subjective improvement. This proves that no 'healing crisis' is required during heavy metal detox while using NDF.


NDF is made from certified organic, raw, whole foods. It is not fractionated or synthesized.

2 milliliters (2 droppers full or 52 drops) contain:

    1. 50mgs. - Nanocolloidal cell wall decimated Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.
    2. .12 mls.- Nancolloidal Cilantro.
    3. 10 mgs.- Nancolloidal *PolyFlor.
    4. 75 mgs/liter nancollodoidal Silica.
    5. Grain neutral spirits 18% as a preservative.

    *PolyFlor microorganisms include: 12 strains of lactobacillus (including casei, acidophilus, salivarius, bulgaricus, sporogones and plantarum), 3 strains bifidobacterium including longum and bifidum, streptococcus thermophilus, and b. laterosporus.


Independent Lab Evidence of Beneficial Effect and Ingredients:

    - Real-time EEG - benefits the brain
    - ICP mass spec 6 and 24-hour urine analysis - increased metal elimination
    - Fecal elements tests - decreased metal presence
    - High Resolution Blood Imaging - decreased metal presence
    - Dithizone reagent Schwermetall test - increased metal elimination
    - AMTest: certified free of heavy metals and other pollutants
    - PRIMUS Labs: certified of sterility, tested negative for over 200 pesticides


    - Used by over 700 doctors from multiple disciplines worldwide.
    - Enthusiastic and real patient testimonials.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.