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Cleanse and Revitalize Salts Sage, Rose and Salt For Crystals, Bath and Environment

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Three ways to use these awesome salts!

1. Energetically cleanse and revitalize your crystals, yourself and your environment with this high vibration combination of pure coarse sea salt, pure white sage essential oil, pure lavender French essential oil, white sage leaves and rose petals.

Sage + salt cleanses any unwanted or negative energies

Rose Petals infuse highly positive energies of love, beauty, higher consciousness and the creative life force of the universe!

To cleanse crystals: submerge crystal in salt for 3 hours or overnight.  Can be used multiple times.  When using for crystals discard after 22 uses or 2 years from first use.

2. Bath: For a refreshing positive revitalization, place 2 tablespoons of Cleans and Revitalize Salts in a muslin bag, place in a warm bath and enjoy.  The salt will dissolve and the muslin bag will prevent the sage leaves and rose petals from clogging your drain.

If using in the bath be sure to order some muslin bags to put salts in to prevent clogging of your drain

3. To cleanse and energize an environment with positive, loving energy, place Cleanse and Revitalize Salts in a bowl in your environment. Good for 6 months - 1 year.