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Cellulite Blend Pure Essential Oil

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A blend of therapeutic grade pure essentials of grapefruit, fennel, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, thyme red and birch. 

The oils in our Cellulite Blend not only work to stimulate detoxification and lymphatic circulation, they are an uplifting and deliciously fragrant blend!


You can use Cellulite Pure Essential Blend in so many ways:

  • For maximum lymphatic circulation and detoxification put a few drops of Cellulite Pure Essential oil on a dry brush, brushing your body towards the lymph nodes (which are in your groin and arm pits).  We have a great selection of dry brushes at Soothe Your Soul.  You will be amazed at how energized you feel after dry brushing and how soft your skin feels,  You should dry brush before a shower so you can wash off the dead skin.
  • You can add Cellulite Pure Essential oil to a salt scrub, using the scrub in the shower scrubbing towards the lymph nodes.  If you add a carrier oil to your scrub like safflower oil, your skin will get glowingly moisturized.  Our Cellulite Salt Scrub at Soothe Your Soul is made with fine sea salt combined with Safflower oil and Cellulite Pure Essential oil.
  • You can add Cellulite Pure Essential Oil to your shower gel or use it in your bath. (Unscented shower gel is available at Soothe Your Soul).
  • If you want to speed up the process you can do all of the above.
  • We have been selling our Cellulite Oil blend
  • and Cellulite Salt Scrub for 20 years, people
  • love it because it really works!  

Cellulite is a symptom of sluggish lymphatic drainage, so getting those toxins trapped in fat out does more than make you look better,you'll feel better, improve your lymphatic circulation, your energy and your health!